Adds a background image on most of the pages. Greatly increase the loading time; deactived for smartphones.

Displays a VERY colorful text on character related pages.

Replaces most of the characters avatar by a funny sticker.

Welcome to GENSHIN.CH!


Enhance your Genhin Impact characters

GENSHIN.CH provides game tips and character rankings based on analysis of tens of thousands of players. Find the points to improve, how to build your character and compare its power to other players!

Server status

Total profiles: 181.564
Total characters: 1.741.277
Last update: 2023-12-03 20:59:39

Works in progress

Wishes simulator: simulate the gacha system of the game
You can define the start values according to your own situation. The default settings are those of the current banner, but you can change the featured characters.

AI generated images
This is still a work in progress, I learn to use this tool! You can vote for the character of your choice, I will add new images each week for the most popular ones.

Last update :: Portrait

Beidou 03/12
Yelan 03/12
Wriothesley 01/12
Kamisato Ayaka 01/12
Navia 26/11
Furina 26/11
Raiden Shogun 26/11

Last update :: Wallpaper

Beidou 03/12
Yelan 03/12
Furina 26/11
Yae Miko 25/11
Charlotte 19/11
Navia 19/11
Neuvillette 19/11