Adds a background image on most of the pages. Greatly increase the loading time; deactived for smartphones.

Displays a VERY colorful text on character related pages.

Replaces most of the characters avatar by a funny sticker.

Popularity on Reddit

Only the main channel for the character is selected. Click on the link below to see the subreddit. Several characters don't own a subreddit but are grouped in a more general channel. Data are updated monthly.

Main subreddit

Suscribers: 19.496
Index: #30 / 76


Hentai subreddit

Unavailable for this character

Ratio hentai/main

Unavailable for this character


C0: 72.22%
C1: 19.68%
C2: 2.74%
C3: 2.21%
C4: 0.19%
C5: 0.04%
C6: 2.92%

Google Search Results

Search terms: Genshin + Impact + Character name (in english), + hentai for this section. Data are updated monthly.

Global search results

Search results: 6.620.000
Index: #41 / 84

Hentai search results

Search results: 68.400
Index: #70 / 84

Ratio hentai/main

0.01 / 1 (1.03%)
Index: #74 / 84


Present in 46.87% of the successful runs

Index: #7 / 84